Monday, December 25, 2017

Pub Chatter #131. Christmas Light ----And Dark

The Light Side of Christmas

Soft blanket of white,
Spread o’er our night.
Where trees all aglow     
Let every heart know

The heavenly host sings
Of Peace that He brings
A child from above,
God’s gift of love.

Stars shining bright,
On this holy night.
Tell us again
Of good will to men.

Warmed by the fire,
And songs by a choir,
Fill now our hearts,
With love He imparts.

Love and laughter ring
Glad tidings of a king
A tiny homeless stranger,
Born into a manger.

 The Dark Side of Christmas

Christmas season is the reason
For lights aglow o’er ribbon and bow.
Dare remember this December,
The lost and alone without a home

All is not light, not all is bright
Cupboards lay bare, no joy to share
Where fathers sigh and mothers cry
Send a sign to me and mine.

Beneath the light just out of sight,
Masked by the dark, so cold and stark,
Tears flow bittersweet on the street
Tears none know or see them flow.

Shelters plenty, homes, not any
Forgotten roam, their sidewalk home
Clothes are worn, hope is torn
No Christmas cheer this year.

Step from the light into the night
Brave cold with love grown bold
Extend a hand to every man.

Too many fall to help them all
So for the Son, help one.
Give your heart, make a start