Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pub Chatter #134

Dog Blog #2

   Today we made progress getting the puppies settled in and establishing a routine for feeding and outside time. Everyone was more at ease. The puppies took time to enjoy the yard and chase the older dogs around. One pup got up the courage to bounce up to Snoop and try to get the big guy to play. Snoop was a good sport and very gentle with the puppies. Our other three dogs are still not sure about the wiggling, little nippers with razor sharp teeth and claws like needles.

     Tomorrow is picture day. The puppies will get individual pictures and numbers. It’s tempting to name them as personalities are emerging, but we have to stick with numbers for now. They will get their forever names when they are adopted. In the days ahead we will be sharing with you the personalities we see.

     The puppies have their own room in the house with a piece of plywood blocking the open doorway. Today we had our first puppy escape. I was surprised by the culprit. My money was on the little black pup who had already demonstrated climbing abilities. But, the winner was a little dapple male. He has scaling the wall down to about 30 seconds. We had to raise the bar. So far, no more escapes.  

     More puppy pictures to come. Meanwhile, please like Journey Home Rescue on Facebook and keep following Missy and her puppies progress.