Monday, January 8, 2018

Pub Chatter #135

Dog Blog #1

     Faye and I have set out on an adventure. We are fostering a mama dog named Missy and her seven, count ‘em, seven puppies in conjunction with Journey Home Rescue. Missy and the pups arrived on Sunday night just a day after the adoption of our own rescue dog, Snoop.

     Snoop is a 120 pound Alaskan Malamute. He’s just over a year old. He’s had a few run-ins with the law for escaping his yard and exploring on his own. Nevertheless, he’s a good boy, full of energy and loves to play. I do need to find him a new chew toy. My hands are worn out. I think he has managed to trod on everyone’s toes at least once so far. He doesn’t seem to realize how big he is until he wants something and puts all his weight into pushing for it.

    Missy and her pups arrived last night from Portland. After a brief introduction to our backyard, they came to dinner. Now, we have a couple of real chowhounds of our own, but the seven prong attack on the pups food dish put them to shame. One little one finding now room to get her head into the dish simply climbed on top of the pile and bored down from above. She ends up standing in the bowl.

     The big dogs haven’t quite figured out what to do with the wiggling, wagging balls of fluff. Sam is ignoring them as long as they stay away from his place on the couch. Snoop barks and wants to play with them. The huge Malamute bouncing around her pups terrifies Missy. Titan seems rather bored with the whole process. HyDee is confused. She’s torn between the fascination with having others her size and apprehension over their constant swarming energy.

      Missy is a sweet dog. She loves attention and is high energy. She looks to me like an Aussie Shepherd/Whippet comb. We tried a baby gate to block a door and give her and the pups their own space. Missy immediately jumped over it and announced that for her next trick she’d like do something difficult.

   It’s been a full day, to say the least. Baths for seven stinky puppies was the second order of the day. The first? Well, we all know how cute puppies are, but the thing new puppies owners quickly come to find out is that puppies are pooping, peeing machines. Kennel patrol is a continuous process. Like with all children the most wonderful time of the day is when they are all taking a nap. Like now, ahhhh, peace and quiet.