Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pub Chatter #136

Dog Blog #3

   I discovered today that Missy’s real name is Hope. I’m going to call her Miss Hope. She did great yesterday allowing me to insert her microchip. Today, we gave her some calming treats today as anxiety seemed to be getting the better of her. Snoop decided to help and engaged her in some roughhousing that sounded like thunder in our little living room. We are working hard to get her to just sit still beside us for some petting.

     Some of the pups are getting better at that too. We took pictures today to send to Journey Home Rescue. I will be posting these shots and some short bio’s here a few at a time. I hear they will be ready for adoption near the end of February. They are weaned and putting on weight every day. It’s not surprising. They attack the food dishes like CNN reporters after a Trump tweet. They still have to get their chips and puppy shots before being adoption ready. 

     HyDee, overcome by curiosity, let the puppies up close today. She decided their bouncing and tail wagging meant to play. Being a Schnauzer, barking is an essential part of everything HyDee does. The puppies were a little put off by the noise but continued to chase after her. Snoop came up with a new game for the puppies in which he tries to pick them up and when they roll over and submit---he wins. I’m surprised at how gentle he is with them. He is a bit of a klutz. Titan and Sam give the wiggling, scratching kids a wide berth. There is just too much energy in those tiny packages.

     Tomorrow---puppy shots by Nurse Jack.