Friday, January 12, 2018

Pub Chatter #137

Dog Blog #4

   Great day on the foster front. Puppies got their shots and everybody did well with the trauma of it all. Next up--microchips. The puppies are venturing farther from the house, climbing the rock wall around the patio, exploring the garden spots and using the automatic watering bowl. The entire group is beginning to form bonds. HyDee has adopted one pup and runs from the rest. The little black pup has chosen Snoop as a surrogate father and playmate. We were especially glad to see Miss Hope and titan touch noses today. That was a big step forward.

     Miss Hope went to see the vet today. She has been extremely anxious since she arrived. The anxiety seems to be triggered by the sound of passing cars. As the crow flies, we live about a half mile from State Hwy 3 and when she is outside the almost constant sound of traffic causes here to race back and forth across the yard. It’s like pacing at flank speed. Cars passing on the street outside our house escalate the behavior even further. We have encouraged her to sit next to us and supplied a generous amount of petting and love. The last few nights Hope has been sleeping on a dog bed next to Faye to help socialize her. I don’t think her previous home environment or foster care stop was very good situations for her or the pups, but Hope is showing it most of all. She was started on doggie trazodone today and we can already see improvement.

     With continued love and attention, she is going to make somebody a great companion. I think she could be a champion Frisbee or agility dog. She is quicker than an illegal border crosser. We would like to do some on leash training and maybe take her to a quiet parking lot to desensitize her to cars. Slowly but surely she is learning house manners. We have a doggie door and to my knowledge, she has never had an accident in the house. All that and a good looker too.

     Have your pet spayed or neutered. Don’t buy, adopt.